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The Alternative to Pressure Washing We've All Been Waiting For.

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Eco-Friendly Solution

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Do you have a 2,000 square foot surface? We use less 10 gals less!

The EcoWash Qualification Process

This eco-friendly pressure washing solution is best on a clean roof. Find out why.

Your roof's condition

Is there already a build up of moss, algae, and mold on your roof's surface? Then EcoWash isn't right for you, yet. First, we will do our high-quality pressure washing with safe and efficient methods. Then, we can do your safer, eco-friendly cleaning to prevent further issues.

Our goal is making sure you never have to use bleach again. Think of the traditional pressure washing as a final pretreatment. We promise, you'll never have to worry about the negative effects of harmful cleaning agents again.

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Understanding how it works.

A cleaning formula that's disrupting the industry. 
Step 1.


The EcoWash product is applied efficiently and absorbed by the mold quickly.
Step 2.


EcoWash's biostatic technology takes time to destroy the mold, but when it's gone... it's gone for good!
Step 3.


Re-application every 12 months protects your building. Never pay for pressure washing again!

Exterior cleaning services completely redefined

Biostatic cleaning affect mold without the need for harsh chemicals. (Patent Pending)

ProClean EcoWash - Why Use It?

If you could clean something once, and then not have to worry about it again for another year, wouldn't you? That's what ProClean's EcoWash system allows! After we come and apply the alternative pressure washing solution to your roof, you wont' have to worry about cleaning it again for a whole year!

Organic matter can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your roof. Don't risk it. It's a small investment once a year that could save you thousands later on. Our knowledgeable customer care team is eager to answer all of your questions. Give us a call today!
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Eco-friendly pressure washing formula, safe for:
Roofing, siding, pavers, wood, metal and other exterior surfaces
Your family, pets, and guests.
Plants, flowers, shrubs, and grass.
Everything you can think of!


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"They did an AMAZING job pressure washing my roof! Nate responded very quickly to give estimate and scheduled the service that week. Very professional and the best quality and value. He got the job done exactly in the time he said promised. I will use him moving forward for all my pressure washing and will surely recommend."
Charlotte C.
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FAQs About EcoWash

How long does it take?

The biostatic formula of EcoWash inhibits the reproduction of organisms. How long it takes to act will depend on the condition of your roof. Request a quote, and we'll assess your home or business and give you a free estimate!

How does the activation work?

Organic matter consume the product thinking it's sugar! Over time, the mold is unable to reproduce, dies off naturally, and won't grow on that surface for up to a full year!

What are the advantages?

1. Lasts longer
2. Is safe and eco-friendly
3. Saves money on traditional pressure washing services
4. EcoWash is affordable!

Try ProClean EcoWash Now. Nothing Compares!

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